Contract Review Procedure

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1. Summary
1.1. This procedure defines the process and methods of reviewing contract , and for verifying the project which meets the requirements.
1.2.The contract department is responsible for implementation and management of review activities.

2. Procedure
2.1.Once the contract has been awarded, the Estimating Department generates a “Contract and Specification Review” form which contain the following:
• The contract
• Specifications
• Specific documents and requirements related to production
• General notes
• Project specific work instructions & Circular
• Requirements from the contract or specification that vary will be highlighted, and copies of that will be distributed to the appropriate processing departments.
• Once the designated departments have reviewed the documents, they will sign in the appropriate space, commenting if desired, and return to the QS department. A completed “Contract and Specification Review” sign-off form will demonstrate a complete review.
2.2. Throughout the project, revisions to contract documents will be reviewed with the original Estimate and the Project Coordinator will ensure compliance with the contract documents. The potential cost and/or schedule impacts to the project will be determined based on any changes.
2.3. These subsequent reviews are documented by memo or other suitable means and are routed with a new generated form to any function that is affected by the change to inform and solicit input. The final result’s filed within the job folder.
2.4. The QS department will attach the completed form to the Estimator’s budget sheet(s) and place them in the job folder. The job folder is then furnished to the Project Coordinator for project assignment.
2.5. The Project Coordinator/Vertical head will assign a Job Number to the project and make four copies of the form and re-distribute to all functions.


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