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Introduction: The purpose of this  methodology is intended for the finding out the crust thickness along the road.

Procedure: The procedure of finding out the crust/Pavement composition are under :

  1. Decide the chainage from where the sample is to be taken on random basis
  2. The first pit shall be selected by the Independent Engineer
  3. Make a pit along the direction of the traffic in each stretch with regular interval of 5 km
  4. Make a suitable size of pit on shoulder along the movement of the traffic with the help of JCB
  5. After digging the pit measure the thickness of each component of the crust
  6. Compare this thickness from the original Crust design.
  7. Note down the thickness of each layer in prescribed format
  8. This above procedure to be adopted along the the direction of the traffic through the project end.

Precaution :

 Road should be barricaded by the safety cone

  1. Two flagmen should be deployed with red flag to direct the traffic


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