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Quality records testifying to the satisfactory execution of project activities and quality objectives shall be legible, specify the work involved, properly maintained, readily retrievable, and available to authorized personnel.

In this procedure , we shall discuss in details pertaining to generating and maintaining the Quality Records for or by the construction.


Quality Records are documented evidence that construction conformed to requirements of contract as well as  design specifications.  Quality Records include:

  • Test and inspection reports
  • Monthly Reports
  • Material and equipment certificates required by specification
  • Equipment maintenance/preservation records
  • Acceptance and test data results
  •  Non conformance’s
  • Corrective action ordered/taken
  • Audit reports
  • Project activity
  •  Amount and type of material used
  • Frequency and accountability of submissions

Specified construction staff are liable for the preparation and maintenance of Quality Records. All records are identified as “Confidential”  in accordance with specific procedures established by contract agreement.


  • Site Quality Manager

In coordination with the Site Execution Manager or the other group manager who receives or generates quality records, identify the quality records that will be retained during construction and identify the record custodian by job title.

 In coordination with the client and other record custodians, define the Quality Records that are to be submitted to the client after completion of specified work or activity and identify this on the Standard Quality Records Control form.

The Site Quality Manager in coordination with the Site Manager will identify all Quality Records (or copies of records) that will be retained in the Records Retention center. Identify this on the Quality Control Records form.

Maintain all the Quality control Records form current and, if possible, before records are received on site or generated.


Establish and maintain a file system for inspection, testing, and l Quality Control records system.  The system shall ensure that records are easily available and protected.The system is to be identified on the Quality Records Control Form.

 Before filing the record the custodian shall review the documents to verify the following:

  • Documents are appropriate
  • Documents are complete
  • Entries are correct – Documents are legible
  • Documents signed by authorized person

The custodian review the document with the originator or originator’s supervisor.  Resolve any discrepancies with vendor documents through the purchasing department.

If any corrections required in the records to be accomplished by authorized personnel (i.e. record originator or originator’s supervisor) by entering the correct information and dating the change.


Maintain the records until they are requested by project turnover and/or assigned to the Records Retention Center.

The Site Quality Manager will generate a checklist and verify that all required quality records have been completed and those designated for turnover are included in the Turnover Package.

All supporting documentation relating to completion will be retained by organization until system acceptance by Client.  After system acceptance by Client, this documentation will be transferred to Client under separate correspondence.


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