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1.SCOPE: This procedure identifies design processes that require process control.

2.SUMMARY: The design control is essentially intended for controlling all activities of design planning, design preparation, verification , review and validation so that the final product meet specified requirements .

3.DIFFERENT STAGES OF DESIGN : Following activities covering the different stages of the project:

  • Traffic Survey
  • Inventory and Condition Survey Of Road , Bridges and Culverts
  • Topographic Survey
  • Axle Load Survey
  • Benkleman Beam Deflection Test , If Required.
  • Soil and Material Investigation.
  • Geo-Technical and Sub Soil Investing.
  • Checking , Approval and Filling of Calculation.
  • Review , Approval , checking & verification of Design Outputs.
  • Control of design changes and validation of design.


  1. All the activities of project design has been undertaken by ………authorized consultant.
  2. After going through all the procedure above mentioned, the design consultant will submit the design report to the concessionaire.
  3. Concessionaire shall review the design for the suitability & project specific requirement.
  4. If found suitable, analyse the cost calculation and time frame to complete the project in stipulated time frame.
  5. After approval from the management, concessionaire shall submit the design to independent consultant for the review and necessary suggestion.
  6. After review, concessionaire will see the feasibility, if found suitable implement the same for the project.
  7. During execution ,from time to time, keep an eye over the design for practical feasibility, if not matching with the site condition , go for the revision & repeat the process mentioned above.



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