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Scope:  This Indian standard covers the physical and chemical requirements of cationic bitumen emulsion for application in  road works.


a.Sieve :A 1.40 mm IS Sieve approximately 100 mm in diameter and 40 mm in height and 150 micron IS Sieve approximately 200 mm in diameter.

b.Metal Dish : Round-bottomed about 500-ml capacity.

c.Steel Rod : A steel rod with rounded ends 13 mm in diameter.

d.Balance : 250 gram capacity with least count 0.1 g.

e.Cylinder : Graduated Cylinder of 100 ml capacity.

f.Pan :Shallow Pan of 100-mm diameter and of about 50-ml capacity.

g.Oven : A well-ventilated oven controlled at 110°C.


1.Water content in testing emulsion shall be 50% if not ; add necessary extra water .

2.Now screen the cement through 150 micron IS Sieve and take 50 gram weigh  into the metal dish. Weigh the 1.40 mm IS Sieve and shallow pan to nearest 0.1 (W1).

3.Add 100-ml of emulsion to the cement in the dish and stir the mixture at once with the steel rod with a circular motion making about 60 revolution per minute.

4.At the end of the one minute mixing period add 150 ml freshly boiled distilled water at room temperature and continue stirring for 3 min.

5.During mixing keep temperature of approximately 25°C . Pour the mixture through the weighed 1.40 mm IS Sieve and rinse with distilled water.

6.Place the sieve in weighed pan, heat in the oven at 110°C until dry and weigh to nearest 0.1 g (W2).

Calculation :

Coagulation value = ( W2-W1) /W3X 100

 where, W1 = mass, in g, of weighed sieve and pan;

W2 = mass, in g, of sieve and pan and the material retained on them; and

W3 = mass, in g, of binder in 100 ml of diluted emulsion determined according to Annex J of IS 8887:2018

Report : Report the coagulation value as percentage the nearest whole number.

 Precision : If we perform duplicate test; result should not be differ by the following :

 a.Cement Mixing Mass Percent          0 to 2  

b.Percent Repeatability Mass                  0.2

c. Percent Reproducibility Mass             0.4



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